Hej hej at HAY in Bremen


Nordic, casual, young and looking for a new home. Preferably with you. 

Why? Because the furniture, textiles and accessories of the Danish manufacturer HAY
are regarded as pioneers of the New Nordic Style:
functional, aesthetic, uncomplicated and absolutely timeless. 

Why don’t you drop in and see for yourself!





Strong in character with a smooth simple curve and an organic expression. This sofa offers generous seating possibilities. Variable in size and height, with legs available in metal or solid wood. GamFratesi's wonderful sofa series SILHOUETTE can now be had at HAY Bremen!!

HAY Bremen POPO - flexibles Regalsystem 'Eiffel' in weiß und schwarz


Based on a simple layering principal. The shelving systems and tables of EIFFEL are both flexible and multifunctional. Available in various colours, heights and shapes // Design: Depping & Jorgensen 


Simple, elegant, durable, for indoors & outdoors and at an unbeatable price of 99 Euro.
Available in many colours // Designed from Ronan und Erwan Bouroullec 

HAY Bremen POPO: limitierte Auflage des HAY Sonos one jetzt erhältlich


The interplay of sound and design // HAY for Sonos Limited Edition //
Redesigned in five colours: red, green, yellow, white and pink.


Strong curves combined with exceptional lightness.
All the edges of this ultra-thin, softly shaped seat are angled from the body to optimise human-centric comfort for constant shifting and moving. With a wide range of uses whether in companies, cafés or in the home. // Design by Iskos-Berlin for HAY


About A Chair AAC 21 - Allows versatile design combinations thanks to the diverse colour and upholstery options

"What a great place!" were the exact words of Rolf Hay when he first entered POPO 20 years ago.

Since then a close relationship of mutual support and interexchange of ideas has developed. The HAY collection offers modern, uncomplicated furniture and home accessories with high design standards at affordable prices for the private and the professional sector. POPO opened the first HAY shop in Germany in 2012.

HAY world in Bremen 

The entire HAY product range consisting of furniture, lighting, textiles and accessories expressing fresh modern living is to be found on 170 square-meters in our shop at Auf den Häfen in Bremen.


Functionality and quality. Designed as a modular system, can be expanded in many ways and is easy to modify without tools. With a wide range of possibilities from everyday office life to kitchen environment. NEW ORDER // Elevated by Stefan Diez together with the HAY team.